Pop it or Drop it Contestant: John Carter ‘UNAVAILABLE’

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John Carter (born September 6, 1985), is an American Author, composer, musician and producer from the City of Cairo, located at the southern tip of Illinois. As a self taught prodigy, he began his career at an early age playing keys in church utilizing his gift and expanding his repertoire to include many genres; from vintage soul & funk to hard rock & eletronica. At the age of 11, he began using his talents in music composition and by the age of 25 contributed to the production of multiple underground albums and songs for independent artists across the U.S.A. His goal and desire is to be remembered as an influential figure in the history of music leaving a legacy in sound and music for generations.



Phillip Matthews

P.O Box 64 Cairo Illinois 62914

(618) 203-1115

email: mattithyahumoreh@yahoo.com

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