Pop it or Drop it Contestant HUNNIT “TURN UP”



Fresh off the success of “Friends of the Friendless” self entitled LP,  rapper/songwriter Hunnit is readying the release of his debut mixtape, “The Dream is Real.” As the driving force behind Friends of the Friendless, Hunnit led the groups efforts in successfully debuting the album on iTunes.

Hunnit is an unconventional rapper in today’s ever-changing music industry. Hunnit’s lyrical abilities combined with a true live band creates an unmatched sound that connects with youth and young people of all backgrounds who want to express themselves and tell their story of strife, hunger and triumph. With his Hip-Hop and multicultural appeal Hunnit warps Rap, R&B, Funk, Soul-Rock, and Jazz altogether in one sound. The music is created to touch a broad market and aims to satisfy many different tastes while never compromising Hunnit as an artist.

“Many People doubted me,” says Hunnit. “But I push on for the streets, my story which is like so many hailing from Watts has to be heard.” This is evident from Hunnits win in the West Coast Vans Warped Tour. To this date, Hunnit and Friends of The Friendless has released several videos including “Ghosts,” featuring Shane Divine and “Lost in Hollywood.”

Hunnit works hard for his family and is most proud to be an active and present father to his two children.



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